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MKN Graphic Design will help you to put it all together to create strong, memorable, design for your organization or business.

MKN Graphic Design creates design solutions such as newsletters, brochures, brand identity for education, nonprofit organizations and other companies.

MKN Graphic Design.... graphic design solutions that bring results.

MKN Fine art photography is available on the site.

Featured Photography

This is a sampling of photography created by Mary Kay Neff. The work includes digital composites as well as alternative photographic processes.

Alternative photographic process have a unique look that can often be achieved during the development of the print. Especially with gum bichromate printing, the image sits on top of the cotton fiber paper on which on it is printed. This soft emulsion can be brushed and changed during development. The manipulation of the surface gives each print a distinctive, painterly appearance. Each image (often made from the same negative) is unique with a different look—sometimes with subtle differences and other times much more obvious changes to the image.

Choosing a particular photographic technique for its individual imaging qualities, whether a digital or historic process, helps me to express my vision as a photographer.