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MKN Graphic Design will help you to put it all together to create strong, memorable, design for your organization or business.

MKN Graphic Design creates design solutions such as newsletters, brochures, brand identity for education, nonprofit organizations and other companies.

MKN Graphic Design.... graphic design solutions that bring results.

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MKNeff Design blog highlights design education service learning projects by students at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. News and programs for Seton Arts Service Corps and the Sisters of Charity are found here as well.


Service Learning Projects from my advanced graphic design courses at Seton Hill University

Mary Kay Neff


Christine Scholl, designerMy advanced graphic design class includes a service-learning assignment where students work on an actual design projects to gain experience working with clients and provide a service to their community.  This year students completed 4 banners for the National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education at Seton Hill University that will be used during a conference in the fall of 2012. Other students created a Lenten reflection book for Seton Hill Campus Ministry as well as a flyer for the Seton Hill Social Work conference.


(L-R) Katie Fleming, Alex Lindsay, Lindsay Cronin, Stephanie Shultz, designers


(L-R) Natalie Zambotti (SHU'12), Michelle Stang (SHU'13); Chantel McNamara (SHU'13), Meghan Fisher (SHU'12) designers

In 2010 and 2011, the service learning projects in my course had students designing for individual businesses and for the city of Greensburg.  Through collaboration with Steven Gifford, Director of the Greensburg Community Develop Corporation, my design students created environmental designs for the City of Greensburg as well as individual businesses in Greensburg.


Julia Leksell, designer


Julia Leksell, designerJulia Leksell, designer

The students broke into teams and worked with clients to develop their imagery. Design is a highly individualized process so the students listened to the client’s requests and made suggestions regarding the designs before putting pencil to paper. They continued to work with the clients to refine their initial designs until the final image was created with professional design software.


Robecca Novotne, April Ashoff, designers


Robecca Novotne, April Ashoff, designers


Robecca Novotne, April Ashoff, designers

The students learned a lot about requirements for environmental design and also working with clients — one of the more difficult situations to recreate in the classroom setting.

On this blog, I have included photos of some of the work that my graphic design students created in their service learning projects.


Elizabeth Cumming, designer, SHU '12


Elizabeth Cumming, designer, SHU '12


Tori Klipa, designer


Katie Fritsch and Casey Shannon, designersLaura Heinz, designerAero (Keping Wang), designerAshley Jervis, designer


Breanna Wong, designer


Breanna Wong, designer