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MKN Graphic Design will help you to put it all together to create strong, memorable, design for your organization or business.

MKN Graphic Design creates design solutions such as newsletters, brochures, brand identity for education, nonprofit organizations and other companies.

MKN Graphic Design.... graphic design solutions that bring results.

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MKNeff Design blog highlights design education service learning projects by students at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. News and programs for Seton Arts Service Corps and the Sisters of Charity are found here as well.


Saint John's Bible comes to Typography II class

Mary Kay Neff

Saint John's Bible is a work of art that brings together scripture and contemporary illustration. The first hand written Bible in over 500 years, it incorporates 160 major illustrations with artwork that references cave paintings, DNA, the Hubble Telescope, the AIDS virus and the Twin Towers. This 1,127 page work on calfskin vellum, took 12 years to complete. The  project was commissioned by Saint John's Abby in Minnesota and was the lifelong dream project of Donald Jackson, one of the world's most famous calligraphers and the scribe to the House of Lords and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.